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Healthcare. It has never been more important to have a strong voice representing our healthcare concerns in Jefferson City. Continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion remains a vital issue for our state. I support expanding Medicaid to enable working families to comply with the Affordable Care Act without tax penalties. I also support the implementation of the health insurance exchanges, which will allow those in the middle class to obtain affordable insurance coverage and provide consumer protections and information needed to make sound insurance choices.


Public Education. Being the mother of two kids who attended local public schools, and the spouse of a school board member for nearly 15 years, shows how vitally important education is to me. Failing to focus attention on providing quality public education for every Missouri child puts our state in serious jeopardy for future economic development. I will work hard to fully fund the state mandated formula for K-12 education, that is currently underfunded by $500 million.

We must also focus on higher education. As a graduate of a local community college and state university, I believe we must ensure that no Missouri resident is unable to obtain a college degree due to its cost. Although it's been some time since I was a night school student, I still remember how hard it could be to scrape up $200 or $300 for the classes I took at the community college. In the last ten years, tuition has risen more than 50% for community colleges, and more than 80% for a four-year colleges and universities. I think we can do better to help all Missourians afford a college degree.


Economic Development. I believe Missouri is at an economic crossroads and missteps in the coming legislative session could be disastrous for our state's ability to get back on track. We must embrace the St. Louis region’s strides in new tech and IT startups, continue to work to bring much needed jobs to the area, and help those who have lost their jobs get back on track. We also must direct attention to much needed infrastructure repair, particularly in Metro St. Louis.